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Super Farter Announcement

“A semi-realistic farting simulator game available for your iPhone and iPad.”

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27/2/2014

The group Lambda Calc launched its debut iPhone/iPad game Super Farter. In this humorous game the player is situated in a nuclear-waste polluted environment. By collecting beans the player fills up his gas-o-meters so he can fly propelled by, well, farting.
As the player progresses through the game by carrying on a wide array of missions, more features can be unlocked: room height, speed, maneuverability, gas-releasing capabilities, shielding, protection, objects attraction, missile warnings, and most of the games parameters can be upgraded (a full list of upgrades can be found here).
Perhaps the most unique feature of this game is that the scenery is dynamically created, i.e., objects (platforms, missiles, stars, beans, shields, etc.) are not just scattered around but are determined depending on the players decisions made throughout each game. Read more about this in this featured Gamasutra blog post.
The controls are simple – tap for jump and hold to fly (fart). However, controlling the character is not a no-brainer, the so called “speed-jumping” technique achieved by hopping in sync enables the player to accelerate beyond its normal speed. Reaching greater speeds enables the player to progress faster and turns the game into an truly fast-paced platformer.
At the end of each game, the player gains credits by a calculation of his progress – distance traveled, gas released, stars collected and the number of missions completed. Credits can be used to purchase a wide variety of power-ups, characters, outfits and means of propulsions.
An easy-to-play Junior version of the game can be purchased for your youngsters. This version offers:
  • Alternative scenery
  • All upgrades unlocked
  • Simplified maneuverability
  • Increased number of collectable items
  • Invulnerability
  • A fixed distance must be travelled
Game objectives:
  • Work your way through a deadly environment and survive as long as you can
  • Master the advanced-movement “speed-jumping” technique
  • Collect stars, beans, shields, and wheel-spins
  • Avoid nuclear missiles, comets, radioactive spills, and pits
  • Dynamically created environment
  • Explore the ground, sky and space
  • Most of the game’s parameters can be upgraded
  • Play the game as different characters + combine outfits
  • Choose between different farting modes or even use “discrete” jetpacks
  • Turn on “Spin the Wheel” to gain extra credits
  • Collect all 18 hard-to-get gifts
  • “Junior mode” enables your youngsters to play the game in a relaxing easy mode
  • 850 missions (+705 junior mode missions)
  • Somehow there seems to be a chicken involved in the game

A list of upgrades can be found here:

Requirements & Compatibility:
  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Optimised for Retina display

Game category: iPhone & iPad Game / Platform Game / Endless Runner
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