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  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • Optimized for Retina display

Super Farter

“A semi-realistic farting simulator available for your iPhone and iPad.”

Game Objectives

  • Work your way through a deadly environment and survive as long as you can
  • An advanced-movement technique called “speed-jumping” will help you to navigate through a dynamically created world spanning from ground to outer-space
  • By mastering the art of speed-jumping you will turn the game into a highly fast-paced “endless running” platform game
  • Collect stars and complete missions to upgrade your maneuverability, shielding, character, outfit, and more


  • Explore the ground, sky and space
  • Most of the game’s parameters can be upgraded
  • Play the game as different characters
  • Combine outfits
  • Choose between different farting modes or even use “discrete” jetpacks
  • Turn on “Spin the Wheel” to gain extra credits
  • Collect all 18 hard-to-get gifts
  • “Junior mode” enables your youngsters to play the game in a relaxing easy mode
  • 850 missions (+705 junior mode missions)
  • Somehow there seems to be a chicken involved in the game


super-farter-iphone-0 super-farter-iphone-1 super-farter-iphone-2
super-farter-iphone-3 super-farter-iphone-4 super-farter-iphone-5

Game Trailer

Press release: http://www.lambdacalc.com/pr